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Green Kitchen

Serving up great vegan food since 2016

-   ABOUT US  -

As a vegan company, we are passionate about showing how easy it is to eat kindly.

We're Katie and Catherine, a wife and wife team who opened the doors to our vegan cafe in Brighton in 2016.

Our handmade rashers proved quite a hit and we're really pleased to now be selling them to great independent stores and directly to customers up and down the country.

Through the sales of our rashers, we support the wonderful work of the Retreat Animal Sanctuary. You can read more about that in our residents gallery.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and are pleased to say our rashers now come in compostable pouches. This plastic-free solution means we know our rashers are reaching you in tip top condition but we're not adding to the plastic problem!

We continue to develop products behind the scenes and will be adding to our shop very soon. So watch this space!
We love working with other independents, so wherever you are, if you'd like to stock us, or if you'd like your local shop to stock us, do get in touch. 

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