Green Kitchen Menu

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Breakfast classics 


Rainbow bowl – fruit medley served with vanilla yoghurt, agave syrup & chopped nuts (GF) £4.50 

Smoothie bowl – homemade granola, served with fruit, vanilla yoghurt & agave syrup GF) £5.50 

On Toast 

Baked beans on farmhouse toast (SF)(GFO) £4 

Homemade scrambled tofu on farmhouse toast (GFO) £5 

Smashed avocado with lemon, garlic & chilli flakes on farmhouse toast (SF)(GFO) £5.50 

Portobello mushroom & caramelised shallots (GFO) £6.50 

In Between  

Rasher bap - 2 Green Kitchen streaky rashers with griddled tomato £3.50 

Breakfast muffin – two sausages, tofu patty, rasher, griddled beef tomato (GFO) £7 

BIG breakfast muffin – two sausages, tofu patty, rasher, hash brown, griddled beef tomato & sliced avocado (GFO) £8.50


Tofu Benedict muffin – wilted spinach, griddled beef tomato, tofu patty, rasher, sliced avocado, ‘hollandaise’ sauce, chopped spring onions (GFO) £9 

The Works 

The Mini – sausage, scrambled tofu, griddled tomato, mushroom, hash brown, baked beans & toast £7 

The Full English – rasher, sausage, scrambled tofu, griddled tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, baked beans & toast £9 

The Great– 2 rashers, 2 sausages, black pudding, scrambled tofu, griddled tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, baked beans & toast £12 

The Gluten Free Green – scrambled tofu, griddled tomatoes, mushrooms, sautéd spinach, sliced avocado, hash brown & toast £7 

The Gluten Free Full – 2 sausages, scrambled tofu, griddled tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 hash browns, baked beans & toast £9 

Refried Dreams – Mexican style hash; herby potatoes fried with ‘chorizo’, red onion, peppers, sweetcorn & tomato, fresh chilli (opt) & coriander, topped with sour cream, homemade guacamole, refried beans & a chipotle mayonnaise £8.50 


Buttered toast 50p 

Tomato•chives•onions•spring onion•sweetcorn•peppers•spinach £1 

Black pudding•smashed avocado £1.25 

Rasher•sausage•guacamole•sour cream £1.50 

GFO £1 

The sweet stuff 

French Toast/Pancakes 

2 White farmhouse dipped toasts or stack of three fluffy pancakes of an almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon & nutmeg based batter topped with:  

Lemon & sugar (SF)(GFO) £6.50 

Vanilla yoghurt & fruit medley (GFO) £7.50 

Strawberries & cream (GFO) £8 

Banana & chunky chocolate (GFO) £8.50 

Strawberry & chunky chocolate (GFO) £8.50 

Rashers & maple syrup £8.50 

Cinnamon, cream cheese icing & maple roasted pecans (GFO) £8.95 



Blueberries•yoghurt £1 

Maple syrup•squirty cream £1.25 

Rasher•chunky chocolate £1.50 



Light Bites•Non-breakfast•Sides•Kids 


Cheese (GFO) £3 

Cheese & onion/beans/tomato (GFO) £3.50 

Rasher & tomato £4 

Rasher & cheese £4.50 

Extra onion/beans/tomato £1 add fries £1.50 




BLT – rasher, lettuce & tomato £4.25 

BLAT- rasher, lettuce, avo & tomato £4.95 

Sausage £4.25 

Sausage and rasher £5.50  

Add fries £1.50 


Moving Mountains burger 

with lettuce, tomato, cheese slice, rasher, mayo & onion rings, served with fries & side salad £9.50 


Steak & Chips 
Green Kitchen steak served with peas, onion 
rings, steak chips & 
Garlic butter OR creamy peppercorn sauce £9.50 





Mixed leaves with classic red onion, cucumber, pepper & cherry tomato in vinaigrette dressing (SF) (GF) £4 


Ranch style salad – Rasher bites on mixed leaves, with tomato, avocado, cucumbers, chickpeas & roasted seeds in a ranch style dressing (GFO) £6 



Beans on toast £2.50 

Scrambled tofu on toast £ 2.95 

Sausage & chips £3 

Sausage, chips and beans/peas £3.50 

Sausage, chips, beans & peas £4 




Fries•Steak chips – S £3/M £4/L £5.50 

Cheesy fries S £3.50/M £4.75/L £6.50 

Baked beans•2x hash browns•herby potatoes•scrambled tofu•onion rings £2.50 

Pastries, Cakes & Brownie 


Croissant £1.50, cheese £2.50, cheese & red onion £2.75 cheese & rasher £3.50 

Pain au chocolate £1.80 

Brownie; see selection £3.25 

GF salted caramel brownie £3 

GF raspberry bakewell tart £3.50 

Carrot cake £4 

Banana Bread £3 



Ice Cream Sundaes 



Lucky Theydee – Vanilla & raspberry ripple ice cream with whipped cream, white chocolate, vanilla & blueberry fudge, strawberry sauce, topped with cosmic unicorn sparkles and a glacé cherry 


Ginger Tom – Vanilla & chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, tangy chocolate orange & ginger fudge pieces, ginger syrup & chocolate sauce, topped with grated fudge 


Kool & Fresh – Vanilla & mint chocolate truffle ice cream with whipped cream, mint toffee crunch, crystalised mint, mint sauce, topped with mint toffee & crystalised mint 


Scaramouche – Vanilla & salted caramel ice cream with whipped cream, salted caramel almond fudge, caramel sauce, topped with a chocolate salted caramel square and fudge shavings 



Banana Splits 



Classic – Vanilla, raspberry ripple, chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, strawberry & chocolate sauce & glacé cherries 


Biscoff – Vanilla & Honeycomb caramel ice cream with whipped cream, Biscoff sauce, Biscoff crumbles and biscuits 


Oreo – Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, oreo crumbles and biscuits 



Ice Cream Bowl – 3 scoops of ice cream, with sauce and sprinkles 

(Ask staff for flavours) £5